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    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion der Formkosten - Discussion of mold costs" geschrieben. 10.03.2023

      Obviously, in all aspects of life, we always look for the best at the best price.

      I fully understand the arguments that Andreas raises, and I sincerely believe that the option you propose to maintain prices, or at least not raise them excessively, reducing the number of poses and figures, may be quite reasonable.

      Especially if we take into account that this option has already been traditionally used by other brands.

      Also taking into account that this mode of production could speed up and increase the offer, as you have just confirmed in another line of this forum, I am definitely in favor of your proposal.

      So get to work...

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 10.03.2023

      I love that Andreas provides us with information about what's new.

      He has just revealed to us the mystery of another of the promised republican legions.

      At the same time confirming that Marco Licinio Crassus, like Caesar and Pompey, will have his own Legion (Set 67), he informs us that Marco Antonio's legions in Egypt will also appear on the scene (Set 66).

      Who knows if this will mean that Lepidus and Octavian also have their chance.

      In short, a promising series of figures from the Republican era begins.

      Personally, I love this way of approaching Linear-a's work.

      Starting from specific historical moments, they develop and create the appropriate figures, thus covering a period of history.

      To finish my comment, I would like to propose, in relation to the extensive period of the Roman Republic, other scenarios to take into account:

      Caudine Forks.
      Aqua Sextiae.
      Jugurtha War.
      Can you think of other scenarios?.

      Anyway, dreaming is free, but with Linear-a, it might be possible.

      Will I have any chance Andreas?

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 07.03.2023

      Wow, wow, wow...

      It seems that another of the republican Roman legions on stage will be that of the third member of the Triumvirate.

      Not bad Andreas... this way we'll have Caesar's legions, Pompey's, and Crassus's too. It´s great....

      Wow, wow, wow...

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "GRATITUDE" geschrieben. 07.03.2023

      I am also curious to know how an illusion, or a passion, ends up becoming a business adventure of these characteristics.

      How do you get in contact with the sculptor, with the company that produces the figures, with the creator of the boxes?

      Other interesting questions would also be those related to the number of boxes that are planned for each set, and if the same number of boxes is produced in each set...

      Anyway, there are many questions, but I don't know if Andreas would be willing to reveal all his secrets...

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 23.02.2023

      Your decision seems to me, in addition to being very respectable, very appropriate and in accordance with the general criteria transmitted by the vast majority of those of us who expressed our opinion in the survey.

      In this way, the sets will focus specifically on the battle, and will also cover a number of poses that would not have been given if you had opted for a single set.

      Now, I hope that the legions of the Optimates (Pompey) are up to the task, and contemplate at least the same variety of figures.
      I would appreciate it, Andreas, if you could clarify the reason why no decision has been made on this set yet.

      On the other hand, I hope too, that the other promised legions of republican Rome, which in principle are a surprise, do not fall into oblivion.

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 20.02.2023

      After thinking about it a lot, during the weekend, and reading the messages from my colleagues with whom I share a hobby, I think that, indeed, if I have to choose, I prefer that the sets about Caesar and Pompey contain figures that can be framed in legions deployed embattled.

      On the other hand, still being a surprise, I hope that the other sets corresponding to the legions correspond to republican Rome, and more specifically with the legions facing Pyrrhus and Hannibal.

      We will wait for your wise decisions Andreas.

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 17.02.2023

      Good afternoon Andreas.

      Can't ask for everything?

      If I have understood the question correctly, the question is to decide on two sets (before battle, and in battle) for each legion (Caesar and Pompey), or only one set in the battle for Caesar and another for Pompey, to focus too in other Legion sets.

      It's like asking a child which of the two sweets you offer him he chooses.

      Personally, the confrontation in the civil wars between Caesar and Pompey appeals to me a lot, but I am also attracted to other legions of republican Rome (facing Pyrrhus, or facing Hannibal).

      On the other hand Andreas, your question is a bit ambiguous, and it raises several doubts:

      What are those other legion sets you're referring to?

      Opting for a set for each set (Caesar and Pompey), plus the other sets of the legion, would work on the sets from before battle be resumed later?

      Wow, how difficult is this...!!!

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat das Thema "GRATITUDE" erstellt. 16.02.2023

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 17.01.2023

      Great Andreas.
      Once again you manage to make my day, even the week, and possibly the next months, as you provide us with more data.

      Thank you very much

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 05.01.2023

      I completely agree with Rudwa.
      Frankly, I think that the option of adding the figure of Julius Caesar in the set dedicated to the Roman legionnaires is not the most appropriate.

      In my particular case, when faced with a set of my interest, I usually purchase a number of no less than 10 boxes, it would be absurd to have a large number of representative figures of Caesar, also losing the possibility that these figures correspond to legionaries, which which would obviously be more useful for my armies.

      This circumstance, obviously, is applicable to Cleopatra, or any other leader who wants to represent.

      Therefore, definitely, my option clearly opts for a specific set that includes these leaders and part of their staff, or bodyguards.

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "linear-A New Set #050 Hellenistic Diadochi / Epigonoi - Ptolemaic SURPRISE Set 2" geschrieben. 29.12.2022

      Thank you very much Andreas, both for your generosity in revealing data about future sets, and for the fact that they are dedicated to covering the indicated periods.

      I do not fit joy in me.
      You make me very happy with this news, really. Both by Caesar's Romans and by those of Pirro and Hannibal's war.

      Now, I think that if you have decided to enter the aforementioned period of republican Rome (legions against Pirro and Hannibal), you will have no choice but to start thinking about the Punic armies.

      I leave it there...

    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "linear-A New Set #050 Hellenistic Diadochi / Epigonoi - Ptolemaic SURPRISE Set 2" geschrieben. 28.12.2022

      Certainly Andreas, your information makes me more uncertain.

      You could add to your generous information if the republican Rome to which you refer would be linked to the time of Cleopatra, or if, on the contrary, we could expect Roman armies that could face both the Samnites and Pyrrho's army.


    • FELIX CESAR HERNANDEZ ABAD hat einen neuen Beitrag "linear-A New MINI Set #007s Roman Artillery Set 1 BALLISTA" geschrieben. 26.07.2022

      Andreas, I have a question.
      When you indicate that you are working on the delivery of the 4 new sets, and you reflect number 50 (ptolemaic phalanx) among them, is it an error? Do you really want to indicate the number 51 (Syracuyse infantry)?

      Or is your intention really to put both up for sale?



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