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10. November 1973
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    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Vikings: Valhalla vignette" geschrieben. 21.09.2023

      Maybe because they've been left on a rocky little island :P

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Rätsel, Quiz neues Set #061" geschrieben. 18.09.2023

      Could that picture 5 be the hip area of an Roman officer, centurion perhaps?

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Rätsel, Quiz neues Set #061" geschrieben. 16.09.2023

      That picture nr. 2 might be the rolled up blanket on top of a backpack. That Napoleonic guess might not be bad at all...

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag " ultimo ratio " geschrieben. 30.08.2023

      After having seen the scans on PSR, I changed my mind. Quality should follow price too, and these are not really up there in quality. At least that is my opinion.

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag " ultimo ratio " geschrieben. 27.08.2023

      I understand why they are more expensive. Getting them out of Ukraine, and such, must not be easy, nor inexpensive. I don't mind paying the extra cost. I have a much more expensive hobby. Makes this one pale in comparison when it comes to prices.

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Hittite Warriors" geschrieben. 06.08.2023

      Many thanks, ERIC :)

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Besprechung / Größe der Figuren /// Discussion / size of the figures" geschrieben. 02.08.2023

      I have been thinking a bit about this, and I've come to a conclusion.

      I think it is OK for figures to be bigger, if they had a reason to be it. Like better living (which usually results in more height). Thus officers and such might be candidates for special treatment, giving them more height.


      I thought about how I feel about rank-and-file figures that I have that are bigger than others. Like the Trojan from the Atlantic set, that has a medieval shield. He is too big, and that annoys me. The figures from the HäT spearthrower set (the non-crew) are also bigger, and I don't like that either. So I would say that for "general figures" I am against it.

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Hittite Warriors" geschrieben. 31.07.2023

      Thank you :)

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Hittite Warriors" geschrieben. 28.07.2023

      Good, Linear-A, my Caesar Hittites are getting lonely

      Oh and another thing, what manufacturer made the above Hittites?

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Bemalung von Figuren" geschrieben. 26.07.2023

      Wow, a text entirely in Danish, just for me :) I really like that.

      Ich bin wahrscheinlich in erster Linie ein Wargamer, daher ist es für mich in Ordnung. Ich male wahrscheinlich 10-16 Figuren gleichzeitig, während Sie vielleicht nur eine malen. Es gibt verschiedene Stile und ich denke, das ist in Ordnung. Es muss Platz für uns alle sein.

      Natürlich bevorzuge ich es, wenn die Dinge so genau wie möglich sind, wenn ich vor der Figur stehe, aber ich kann damit leben, dass etwas nicht stimmt. Es gibt kaum so viele antike Figuren wie z.B. Napoleon-Figuren. Da kann man höhere Genauigkeit fordern, auch beim Malen.

      Ich hoffe, Sie haben einen schönen Tag und viel Spaß beim Malen Ihrer Figuren.

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Bemalung von Figuren" geschrieben. 24.07.2023

      Thanks for the info. Personally I do make bright colored shields. I don't paint for too much accuracy, when it comes to color nuances, but only when it comes to color types. I have painted too many figures to repaint them in another style, and if I do paint the ones I already made in a new (more accurate) style, then they won't match the ones I already have made. Nothing less stylish than differently painted troops, in the same army. I don't like decals, but I know they exist. Maybe when my eyesight gets worse, and my hands start shaking more, I will have to use decals, but right now I am too proud to do so. :)

    • I agree with our Guest, Ruudwa (who forgot to log in), that everyone gets something different out of the hobby.

      Some just like to paint, as they feel like it (making Imagi-Nations along the way), others enjoy the historical research, and want to copy things down to the fabric of the clothes. I think there are few enough of us as is, to accept that everyone has their take. As long as no-one is claiming that obvious Imagi-Nations are accurate historically, I don't see the harm. I for one love the Atlantic Trojans, they are deep to my heart. Yet they have shields that belong from a later Greek period, to the middle ages (and that is generous). I like well proportioned bodies, and would much rather have "spears the size of tree trunks" than having to use florist wire and fiddle with glue to get them to look fine. I don't like ingraved shield images. They are hard to paint, but probably less hard than what I do like, to paint my own designs (and those are probably Imaginiative too).

      Each to their own. As long as no-one makes false claims.

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Tesserarius" geschrieben. 23.07.2023

      Looks like I just became a Tesserarius :D

    • cernief hat einen neuen Beitrag "Bemalung von Figuren" geschrieben. 23.07.2023

      I must admit I too thought it looked a lot like "the Joker" from various batman shows/movies, but, as pointed out, maybe it was "the Joker" that looked like the figure. :)

      Personally I have a hard time making stuff that I find looks too foreign for me. I really have trouble trying to paint my Thrace figures, and Dacian ones, because the patterns on their cloaks and colors on shields and clothes just seem so foreign to me. That may be true or not, I just don't feel at ease painting them like that.

      Likewise I believe I earlier, in the Pre-Republic Roman thread I made showed off a shield where it could like I painted a playing dice. I felt that it was a good pattern, and didn't think it looked like a playing dice before after really looking at it. That is an example of the opposite, of something looking just too familiar. Because I am Danish I probably will have trouble painting a shield Red with a White cross on it too. Even if that was common.

      So who knows about Germanic warpaint. All I could find was a reference to a tribe, that painted themselves and had black shields. The painting colors available to them seems to have been black and white, and a third colors I don't recall. Elsewhere it said they painted themselves black.

    • Wrong thread. Reposted.



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