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James Fisher
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    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "4. Panzerarmee (Rote Armee) meine tabeltop panzer russland" geschrieben. 12.03.2023

      Great looking armour, guns and artillerists. I'd love to see photos of them 'in action' in another of your games. I'm sure that other wargamers on this forum would enjoy that too! :)

      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion der Formkosten - Discussion of mold costs" geschrieben. 11.03.2023

      Dear Andreas and team,

      As others have already said, we appreciate you trying to accommodate your 'customers' and thank you for seeking feedback from us again.

      To that end I can only echo the wise and reasoned comments above, surtout les de Hervé.

      - The childlike me would prefer no change and as many figures as possible per box.
      - The more adult me appreciates the reality of change (one only has to look to history), the economics of production and the important need/desire to keep linear-A producing goodies for we collectors/modellers/wargamers to enjoy.
      - If fewer figures/poses per box means more rapid production of a larger range of offerings, it would seem to be a 'win-win' for both linear A and we customers. [Aside: While the ancient eras will remain your speciality and provides an incomprehensible breadth of potential subjects, I hope that you won't forget #24?!]
      - I'd like to see 32 figs per 'large box' as a minimum?
      - I hope that cavalry can remain at 12 riders/horse per box?

      In the end, the decision has to be yours Andreas/linear A. You will only get a few comments here, so the true test will come from the market. While an increase in the cost per figure is a shame (fewer figs at the same/similar price), the economies of 1/72 figures in plastic is still better than anything else in the scale that I/we prefer.

      An important caveat is that there is/will be a limit to the price that people are prepared to pay according to some customer x offering interaction. This may be constant for a customer, but is likely to vary with offering. Hervé has articulated an example for your mini sets. My consumer behaviour was the same as his and along similar lines of thought. I have read comments from others that they were not prepared to pay the price for these particular offerings. A similar example for me regards the recent releases from Ultima Ratio. I have decided that I will not be purchasing these. They are good looking figures, but not good enough to me, nor desired enough by me to pay the premium price that they are selling for.

      To conclude, I echo those who replied above in admiring and enjoying the figures that you produce and look forward to even more to come in, hopefully, the not-too-distant future! :)

      Kind regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 24.02.2023

      Thank you for this advice Andreas. Exciting news. We'll look forward to developments with these!
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 18.02.2023

      Dear Andreas,

      Thank you again for seeking points of view from people on the forum. Here is another n = 1 for the dataset!

      I like a range of types and poses of figures, but would rather see you able to produce earlier Republican Romans more rapidly than to generate multiple sets of these. Given limited time and resources, it is figures in action for mine.

      I am happy with my Strelets Caesarian Romans and will be purchasing what you produce 'cause I know they will be lovely figures. Those for the Optimates will be more novel for me and likely to attract me to multiple boxes.

      Kind regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "GRATITUDE" geschrieben. 17.02.2023

      Beautifully put!

      Mine are on the way and I look forward immensely to seeing them. The additional information that you have provided will only add to my joy and gratitude for what I am about to receive.

      THANK YOU Andreas and co.

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "LINEAR-A 027 Napoleonic French Cavalry Disaster in Battle and after Battle" geschrieben. 09.02.2023

      Superb painting, as always. Beaut colours and tones. I always enjoy your creativity with colouring and especially like the final figure of these three. A green-coated cuirassier unit with bronze cuirass and helmet would have been a splendid sight. Certainly a top idea for a unit for an imaginations campaign!
      Your post has only made me more keen/excited to get my hands on these lovely new figures from linear-a (and the sets of ancients)!
      Thanks and regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "NEUE Linear-A Sets" geschrieben. 02.02.2023

      That is great to hear Andreas.

      Congratulations (and thanks) to you and the linear-A team on bringing them to market!

      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 20.01.2023

      Despite having my Caesarian Romans covered, I am sure that I will find that I will 'need' these linear-a sets (and will realise that early on with the images of the first masters)--sigh, haha!!

      Hopefully the next two will be earlier republican types were there is a dearth in this scale, for mine.

      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Diskussion über Cleopatra" geschrieben. 14.01.2023

      Thank you for asking for suggestions for this idea Andreas.
      I agree with 'sharpsperil', a larger box would be preferable. Something similar to the 'general staff' sets that Strelets produced. It could provide more options for other characters and/or more 'generic' figures. Such a set could avail itself to conversions. Even better if it combined mounted figures with some on foot. That could make it more attractive for the purchase of multiple boxes.
      Either way, mini or standard, such a set is highly desirable and I thank you in advance for it! :)
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "linear-A New Set #027 Napoleonic Wars Surprise Set" geschrieben. 29.12.2022

      I completely missed this post back in early December!
      What fine looking, novel figures.
      For me they will be great to use as markers and for those little vignette bases on the wargames table. Also, it appears to me that, with a bit of mix-matching of horses, a couple of the riders can either be falling, as intended, or 'in action'. That will add to the flexibility.
      With only 12 figures and 5 horses, it will be a bit expensive, but nonetheless, a fine, special set and a 'must have' for me!
      Another wonderful addition Andreas, thank you.
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Hät 8100, Late Roman Medium Infantry." geschrieben. 06.11.2022

      Je l' ai pris plaisir de votre figurines et peinture sur votre blog dans le passé et maintenant je les aimé encore!
      Cordialement James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Iberians, lots of them (HäT Iberians)" geschrieben. 06.11.2022

      These look great!
      You are far too harsh on yourself. I enjoy all styles of painting for the variety to effects that they bring. Your classic, clean, no-shading style is excellent. One knows exactly what the figures are and the mass effect is grand.
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Der Rückzug 1812" geschrieben. 06.11.2022

      Yes, the snow looks so good, really textured and deep!
      Brilliant again.
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Schlacht bei Hattin 1187" geschrieben. 06.11.2022

      So impactful! The figures really well painted and the composition is brilliant.
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "tabeltopspiel die briten kommen" geschrieben. 02.11.2022

      These games look great!
      Excellent table with wonderful terrain and figures.
      While painted figures look nice, it is always great to see them in 'action'!
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "diorama 1/72 Schlacht bei Isandhlwana" geschrieben. 09.10.2022

      That is a really good looking little diorama. Lots of action in a small area, but not too crowded so it looks great!
      Regards, James

      [von Google Translate:
      Das ist ein wirklich gut aussehendes kleines Diorama. Viel Action auf kleinem Raum, aber nicht zu voll, also sieht es toll aus!]

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Türkische Kavallerie" geschrieben. 19.09.2022

      These look superb Julien, as do your mamlukes.

      I note with interest the bases. Do you do wargames with your figures?

      Regards, James

James Fisher


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