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James Fisher
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    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "#064 The Battle of Pharsalus "First Triumvirate" THE LEGIONS OF GAIUS JULIUS CAESAR Set 2" geschrieben. 31.05.2024

      Wow! I find it amazing to read such strongly held convictions about anything in the ancient world, when the sources are rare, incomplete or patchy and most-often one-sided. This written evidence is complimented by artefacts (frequently shreds of) and a lot of detective-work-like scholarship.

      Pharsalus is a classic case in point as the specific location still remains a disputed mystery and the 'contemporary' sources contradict one another about much of the detail. Philip Sabin, in his 'Lost Battles' provides an erudite summation of the information available and from which he made decisions about the armies and their fighting values for his game-model. Here is an extract of the section about Caesar's army:

      "Caesar (B. Civ. III.84 and 89) says that he fielded 80 legionary cohorts totalling just 22 000 men because of earlier losses and attrition, and he also had 1 000 Gallic cavalry. Appian (B Civ. II.70) repeats these numbers and adds a force of Aetolian and Acarnanian light infantry, but says that some writers gave Caesar either one-third or two-thirds of a total of 60 000 or 70 000 Italian infantry engaged. Eutropius (VI.20) and Orosius (VI.15) put Caesar's army at 1 000 horse and less than 30 000 foot. Delbrück preferred these higher estimates, but most scholars** reject them in favour of Caesar's own figures. The legions seem all to have been highly experienced, and their performance certainly warrants a veteran classification. Caesar also claims (B. Civ. 84) that his 1 000 cavalry were able to get the better of the 7 000 Pompeian horse in earlier skirmishes, with the assistance of picked light-armed legionaries [my italics]. He does not mention such integrated support at the battle itself, nor does he say anything about the Greek light troops ascribed to him by Appian, but his cavalry clearly deserve veteran status, and the number of units should be rounded up rather than down to account for the possibility of some accompanying infantry as Frontinus (Str. II.3.22) claims."

      Sabin's solution, for the scale and purposes of his game-model, is to give Caesar 15 units of veteran legions and two of cavalry, while Pompey gets 15 of veteran legions, 1 of light infantry (archers and slingers) two of cavalry and a unit of light cavalry.

      Piecing together information from several sources when designing scenarios for battles and armies is a big part of the fun, I reckon and ancient battles make it just that bit more interesting!!

      ** His note for 'most scholars' are Delbrück, Rice Holmes, Fuller, Morgan, Le Bohec, Montagu and Goldsworthy

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "NEW DISTRIBUTOR Australia and New Zealand" geschrieben. 16.05.2024

      That is beaut news Andreas!

      Roger is a top bloke and really good to deal with. I look forward to giving him more custom.

      Regards, James

    • So many wonderful sets to look forward to there Andreas; #69 and #70 on the cusp of release, as you have already shown on this forum, with others progressing nicely too.
      I am particularly looking forward to the legions of the first triumvirate as well as further figures/topics of the successors. Above all, I am really excited about another of your occasional forays into Napoleonics with #24!
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "What are your three favorite ancient battles?" geschrieben. 23.03.2024

      Three? I'll give ya six, but all from that 'sweet spot' of the classical Greek to early Imperial era.

      1. Battle of Jaxartes 329 BC
      Not one of Alexander's most famous battles, but one that demonstrated his initiative and cunning and the flexibility of his troops as he outwitted and defeated an opponent that later proved notoriously difficult to bring to battle/defeat (its 'successor' kingdom, that is).

      2. Battle of Cannae 216 BC
      Like Austertitz some 2 000 years later, a battle that was brilliant in its planning and executed to as near to perfection as possible by the troops, producing the utter defeat of the opposing army; although not the peace treaty that followed Napoleon's masterpiece!

      3. Battle of Pydna 168 BC
      The battle that signalled the 'changing of the guard' amongst the superpowers of the Mediterranean and surrounds.

      4. Battle of Pharsalus 48 BC
      While the war lasted for many years after it, this battle effectively determined the ascendency of the 'divine Julius' and all that followed for Rome and the world. It was a near-run thing (and can easily go the other way in a wargame) and was a demonstration of JC's tactical brilliance, leadership and determination.

      5. Battle of Carrhae 53 BC
      The reverse of Jaxartes. Victory of the mounted, 'barbarian' force over the disciplined war machine. Brilliant use of their advantage. A 'hunt' executed with precision and to annihilation.
      [As an aside, a wonderful 'what-if' is to consider whether the JC could have emulated Alexander and defeated the Parthians had he not been assassinated]

      6. Battle of Teutoburger Wald 9 AD
      An ambush brilliantly organised and executed by a confederation of forces which basically ensured that the limits of the Roman Empire (give or take Dacia and a bit more of 'Asia'). It also gave us one of history's wonderful quotes and a brilliant scene in I Cladius!

      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Prätorianergarde in Rom" geschrieben. 18.03.2024

      This is great! Fine painting of the figures and the pillars are so well done. I especially like your use of larger scale figures as statues. They set the scene off so well.
      (I have done a similar thing with 28 mm bronzed hoplites as a statues at the turn corners of a chariot racing track; à la 'Ben Hur').
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "wild west epoche" geschrieben. 17.03.2024

      That is a marvellous diorama of Woodland Indians. The best yet, which is saying something given a 'portfolio' such as yours replete with so many beautifully painted figures and well-constructed/detailed dioramas.
      Most amazing to me is how much you have fitted into such a small area without having it look cluttered. Excellent construction and arrangement!
      Regards, James

    • Beaut detail on the figure and signifier!
      We hacks will bring out what we can, but 'figurenmaler' will be able to turn them little works of art!
      We are so fortunate to have you bringing out such fine figures for our use/pleasure, thank you.
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Linear-A Minoan Army" geschrieben. 17.03.2024

      A fantastic army/array Claus! I appreciate beautiful dioramas, but *this* is the ultimate use figures in my (extremely biased) opinion!
      Your colourful units look excellent. I especially liked the calf-skin shields.
      I cannot wait to see the chariots and, even more so, photos of them in 'action' in a game; 'historical', quasi-historical or completely what-if!
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Abstimmung zum Miniset #014s King Pyrrhus of Epirus Pyrrhic War 280-275 BC" geschrieben. 18.02.2024

      Dear Andreas,

      This is another exciting sounding set.

      Unless you were to produce a set with both types of pose(!!)—which would be marvellous and even more useful for conversions, command figures/stands in wargaming or options for dioramas— if forced to choose one, I am with those who would prefer a Pyrrhus figure in combat. He was renowned as a leader who lead from the front. The painting by Guiseppe Rava from Ancient Warfare VI.4 that you have posted is a beaut one for inspiration; presumably with attribution or permission? I also really like the suggestion from Misteredd of the one by Johnny Shumate from the cover of the same issue of the magazine that depicts him on foot. Again, if forced to choose, I'd prefer a mounted figure of the King of Epirus. Unless you produced three versions, mounted in combat, mounted 'at rest' and on foot. *That* would be bloody marvellous! :)

      If you were only to include one version of Pyrrhus and a mini set can stretch to three mounted figures, then I am with George and would really like the man, plus standard-bearer and trumpeter, or perhaps Pyrrhus along with Megacles and another companion.

      As others have noted, it is great to have the opportunity to make suggestions, no matter whether one's viewpoint is the 'winner' or not!

      Kind regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "linear-A Neuheiten / new sets" geschrieben. 01.02.2024

      Dear Andreas and team,

      That is marvellous news, congratulations to you all on this recovery from your misfortune due to the snow storm.

      While it is a disappointment for you to *only* be releasing three sets when you had been planning a mega-release of ten before the end of last year, it is a big deal to be releasing any figures at present, so I for one am really pleased to hear the news! Even more impressive to expect to have two or three more to follow in March.

      My thoughts about boxes are a bit different from the others who have commented so far. For me the boxes are all part of the enjoyment of the figures so I always prefer to receive them. I keep flattened versions glued into numerous scrap books and enjoy looking at them from time to time. With linear-a's boxes I like to see what colour schemes have been used on the painted examples on the back. This is especially useful for figures of ancient eras where there was a great deal of variety between individuals.

      I do not expect that a matte finish will be any less pleasing than gloss, but I'll wait to see the boxes before I register a preference one way or another

      Once again, thank you for your continued high level of production of top quality figures and also for your regular and open communication with us via this forum.

      Kind regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "vignetten dioramen aller arten" geschrieben. 19.12.2023

      Superb. You have used a wonderful mix of figures and some beaut conversions in this one.
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "LINEAR-A 089 Roman Artillery Set 1 BALLISTA" geschrieben. 15.12.2023

      This and the scorpio looked excellent in the previews from Andreas, but even better painted. Especially such fine painting as this! Shows how good these figures and 'machines' are.
      As Brist has already noted, your ageing of the wood is superb!
      Regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "linear-A ACHTUNG WICHTIGE MITTEILUNG / ATTENTION IMPORTANT NOTICE" geschrieben. 14.12.2023

      Dear Andreas and co.,
      I am sorry to hear that the news is much, much worse than expected. I hope that you are able to keep you chins up and to work through it steadily. It sounds like you are! Best wishes from afar.
      I am sure that the scorpions and ballistae will sell like hot cakes. The others too once you are able to get your production back up and running.
      Kind regards, James

    • James Fisher hat einen neuen Beitrag "linear-A ACHTUNG WICHTIGE MITTEILUNG / ATTENTION IMPORTANT NOTICE" geschrieben. 12.12.2023

      Dear Andreas and team,

      That's d@mned bad news Andreas. I feel for you all. It must have been heart-breaking to see the boxes ruined after all your efforts to be ready for a big release of new sets. The only good thing is that it sounds like the damage was not too bad? I certainly hope that is proving to be the case.

      My best wishes from afar for a quick and helpful assessment and for the painful & tedious task of clean-up.

      Hopefully you are still able to release some of the new offerings, and the others soon after, for the ever expectant collectors, but chiefly to provide some all important cash-flow after all your investment!

      Regards, James

James Fisher


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