#1 Justinian army von Chariobaude 04.01.2023 17:06

Hey Linear and all the community !
I'm waiting now for a long time for your justinian era sets, and your marvellous previews are not helping in waiting ! :-D
I was wondering about those previews ; i only saw infantryman, did you have in your projects cavalrymen too ? In Justinian timeframe heavy cavalrymen with bow and contus was the bulk of the roman armies....

this are my regular kavallarioi :

and my irregular bucellarii

all the rest if the army can be found here : https://comitatusgaulois.wordpress.com/belisaire-lempire-contre-attaque/

i hope to add soon some of your products ? (When ?)

#2 RE: Justinian army von Ortwin 06.01.2023 13:02

and a good plea, which i follow.

#3 RE: Justinian army von Chariobaude 19.01.2023 13:37

still no news... are you still planning to work on that range ?

#4 RE: Justinian army von linear-A 19.01.2023 15:44


Hello Chariobaude,
Don't worry.
We're working on it, just underground
Ne vous inquiétez pas.
Nous y travaillons, juste sous terre

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