#1 Late Roman medium infantry (Hät) von Alcibiades 19.09.2022 12:58


Here are some pics of my Late Roman medium infantry unit (also V Macedonica).
The term medium wasn’t an official determination in Roman armies, more a qualification that Hät uses to distinguish between armored
and un-armored infantry sets in their ancients range. I enjoyed painting this set and like the fact that they can be displayed in a battle ready formation. I also enjoy the uniform varieties and the Vexilia, cornicen and draco soldiers (banners, horns and dragon standards).

Kind regards,

#2 RE: Late Roman medium infantry (Hät) von figurenmaler1/72 22.09.2022 05:07


hi gefällt wie alles von dir

#3 RE: Late Roman medium infantry (Hät) von Ortwin 23.09.2022 10:02

Nicely done. Also the diorma-display is nice everytimes.

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