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. My group of Royal Shardanes mercenaries who was a part of the army of Ramses 2 which included almost 40 000 foot soldiers and 2 000 carts ...they used a straight and long sword and a carried a bronze armor.
A great battle against the king hittite Mouwatalli, in the south west of Syria, near the city of Qadesh, in the year 1274 before Christum.
The outcome of the battle betwen the two empires remain undecided but the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses 2 claimed the victory.
The shardanes will participate later as a composant of the "Sea Peoples" in the invasion of Aegypt ( under the reign of Ramses 3, his successor...).

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Nice figures. I like those sets.

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These pictures aren't very good and i am not a good painter but the sets of Caesar remain among the best for the Bronze era...
Thank 's for your commentary.

#4 RE: Battle of Qadesh von Ortwin 18.08.2022 13:58

You're right with Caesar so far, but the HäT sets are good for linig up the army. And let's have a look what Linear-A will be doint. I'm already excited to those early age sets.

#5 RE: Battle of Qadesh von Pyrrhus321 19.08.2022 17:02


Indeed the American Hat industrie (today i believe an American-chinese society, Pacific Coast) was a wonderfull producer which proposed a large and diverse range of soldiers with heavy light infantry, cavalry and elephants for instance for the punic army of Hannibal.
I have so many hat soldiers, especially of Ancient Times..
Highly interested in the planned sets of Assyrians, Urarturian, etc.. by linear.

#6 RE: Battle of Qadesh von Ortwin 19.08.2022 18:00

Yes, i came to Hat via my search for Celts/Gauls - the Hat range of european iron agers reasonable for celtic armies is higher than in other companies, although i highly appreciate the quality of the other companies single sets.

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