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Also due to the corona pandemic, many events in the miniature sector have been canceled in the last 2 years. For example the crisis in Antwerp et al.

I can still remember great events like the DUZI in Dinslaken and Action in Rheindahlen, okay, 10 years ago :-), but they were great events. There are now exhibitions, such as the Dioramica - definitely worth a visit, even if I haven't been there myself, but the reports and pictures from there alone make it worth a visit.

A few years ago there was Inspiration Modellbau in Mainz, where there was a large 1/72 miniature area that I started at the time. Unfortunately, the Mainz club changed the location and moved to a smaller location, which also reduced the miniature area and lost its attractiveness.

Anyone who follows me here knows that I am also intensively involved in the topic of miniatures 1/72 and not only run this blog, Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2110063959270929), YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/TomWtal/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TomMiniatures/), but also a preview -Set up the "Minisoldiers" website, where I show painted sets of figures (https://www.minisoldiers.de/). In addition, Germania figures also produce and sell my own figures under the label "Miniatures for Strays" using the 3D printing process, the proceeds of which go to my aid project for the care of Romanian street dogs https://www.streuner-seelen.de.

But now let's draw the bow to the headline:

This weekend I had the idea that I would like to set up a showroom for miniatures 1/72 and a few models in the same scale in my new home in Oberbergisches (NRW), where I open the door 2-3 times a year and where you can also acquire 2nd figures at a flea market; the proceeds go to my already mentioned aid project. In the showroom, my own miniatures and figures from Linear-A (as well as other manufacturers) are primarily presented in dioramas.

Since I have a large collection, there should definitely be something for one or the other collector and figure painter. I am also considering starting a convention (a la Action/Rheindahlen) once a year in the Gummersbach / Bergisch Gladbach area, with the hope of gradually expanding it with exhibitors, dealers and tabletop players in combination with animal welfare. The target is 2022 (Showroom) and 2023 (Convention).

I will be posting more updates on the subject on my blog and Facebook page.

Couple of pictures from my study and the upcoming showroom.

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